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N4, London

Complete 4 bedroom house renovation, incl increased Thermal Efficiency for installation of an Air Source Heat Pump 

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The client connected with us through Interior Design site - Design For Me - he needed someone that could completely take the strain away from the renovation of a 4 bedroom house he had just purchased. The house had not been updated for a long time, but had huge potential.

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As the rear garden was already relatively small it was decided to work with the existing foot print, improving, rebuilding, redesigning the existing extension. As the house is in a conservation area we applied for Planning Permission to change the external experience along with installing an Air Source Heat Pump. 

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In order for the house to become thermally efficient we took it back to its bones, we insulated throughout, including the external walls. Underfloor heating has been laid throughout. 

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We tendered and appointed the contractor and MCS accredited ASHP supplier - working closely with them both to provide suitable heating and hot water.

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Further sourcing & design included glazing, flooring, lighting , kitchen design, bathroom design, joinery design, fixtures & fittings, along with help with furniture. The client now has a low energy use house.

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